Pros & Cons of Tinder App

Pros & Cons of Tinder App

Tinder is the #1 online dating application. It was mostly used as a hook up application when it first came to scene. This is because it finds you a potential partner based on your choice. However currently almost everyone has joined Tinder. Let’s see the Pros & Cons below.

Tinder Pros

  • It is easy and simple to use on the run. It is well designed for mobile users;
  • It shows you when you are in the same social circle with you match;
  • It is natural. It gives you an opportunity to like people the way you can do in a restaurant that is on whether you find the attractive to you;
  • A person can never know you liked them until they like you too;
  • Only someone you have liked can contact you.

Tinder Cons

  • Guys finds it difficult to start up the conversation after matching you and therefore this leaves you with a lot of matches;
  • It is more focused on quick hook ups and hence a person looking for a serious affair cannot rely on this application;
  • It shows the last time people logged in and therefore you cannot easily ignore a text when you are online;
  • It is hard to focus on one match. Therefore if you are serious about finding a potential match you need to stay focused;
  • It is very addictive.

Top tips for using Tinder

  • The best time to use Tinder is during autumn and spring.
  • Send decent photos and make sure you mix up them.
  • Try to a bit creative when messaging to avoid more matches.
  • Always meet in public place while on Tinder dating.
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