University encourages using of Tinder Messaging App

University encourages using of Tinder Messaging App

Messaging apps are an inevitable part of students life in various occasions. They found those apps as a useful tool for interacting and connecting with their mates. The smartphones are on the great demand and students find  interesting to search for information in an easy way and access various contents. The trend of messaging apps has been recognized among universities worldwide, so they try to take advantage of them.

The recent situation with UK university shows how educational institutions can use different tools to make its offer more attractable. Namely, UK universities were in the unpromising situation after the Brexit, encountering difficulties to draw new students. In the great fight of the universities, some of them invented ideas how to achieve bigger interest. The particular institution which reached for the messaging app was the Manchester‘s the University of Salford.

The University itself opened two profiles on the messaging app Tinder to make students more interested in the personal communication. By searching the profile on the Tinder, students are able to find necessary information and make easier its access to the institution. In the uncertain post-Brexit environment, universities compete to attract the best students and that’s why this step has a particular importance.

In addition, University of Salford didn‘t open the Tinder out of blue but based on the previous experience it had. The similar situation at the same institution happened last year when university representatives collaborated with the digital team on creation of Matchmaker app. The aforementioned app had similarities with Tinder as students were able to base the search according to the personal interests and grades. The attempt as this was of the great importance of the institution and the results have shown that many students used the app on the regular basis. Moreover, the site of the university was one of the fast growing places with a record-breaking number of visitors.

This educational year University has decided to try with Tinder in order to engage the best students. The available searching options are now a perfect place where students can have fun and find the important information about educational perspectives. Finally, we can say that teaching institutions must be creative, as in the previous example, and students will be definitely more encouraged to choose their programs.

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