Setting Up Tinder Plus App

Setting Up Tinder Plus App

It is quite easy to set up TinderPlus App. All you need to do is to match an Android Wearable with your phone. Once this is done, new message and match notifications will appear in the stream of your watch, where you can take instant action. View the message on your wrist and verbalize your response. With just a tap or a swipe to open your profile on your paired phone, you can get a closer look or learn about your new match directly on your watch.

The Passport

The passport feature of Tinder Plus App is a new way to aid worldwide connections on mobile. Passport allows you to change your location to connect with people anywhere around the globe. It is similar to teleporting to a different location. Drop a pin on the map or search by city and you can start matching, swiping and chatting with Tinder users in a destination of your choice. Find the way between your new destinations and current location.

Passport makes genuine, one-on-one connections with people all over the world. With passport, you are swiping before you arrive, whether you are simply expanding your social network or planning business and vacations trips.

Rewind Feature of Tinder Plus App

This is the feature that allows you retrieve your last swipe. Hence, if you swiped left on somebody you want to get to know accidentally, they are no longer missing forever on Tinder-sphere. With just the touch of a button, you can now get him/her back.

Right on Tinder, showing interest in someone is as easy as swiping, while the validity of the swipe is paramount to the Tinder experience. Tinder performs best swipes are real indications of the desire of a user to connect. Right-swiping and limitations on rewinding give users more incentive to make sure that their swipes are sincere. Tinder Plus grants unlimited liking capability for power users who want to show interest in a large number of people.

Continue swiping with Tinder Plus App! 🙂

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