Tinder now works on Web too

Tinder now works on Web too

You can look for the best matches using any device now with the help of the web version of the famous dating app, Tinder. The app has recently announced the site of online Tinder, which allows the users to get access to a much simpler form of the app. The site is not yet workable in most region of the US or UK but will roll out soon after few testing has been done. Presently, it is available in the states of Italy, Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, Argentina, Indonesia, Philippines, and Sweden.

Tinder is one of the highly used and most famous dating apps. Users can easily download it on phones for finding the suitable match for a date. It means that users near your area who are also looking for a perfect match for themselves. The user has to add a brief introduction of himself or herself on his account and can swipe on either right or left side as per your choice. If two users swipe on right side and have got some interests, a match occurs. Tinder works for both Android and iOS platforms.

The company has made its online website now too with the title of Tinder Online and is very beneficial for whose users are interested to find a perfect match for themselves but don’t have access to smartphones. It also aims the people who don’t own the high-class phones with limited storage ability. The app takes more than 50MBs of the storage, which is quite a lot for a middle-class smartphone. Though you can’t have to swipe action options on the website, but you can drag the match cards on Tinder Online.

For using the Tinder Online, you need to type in the URL tinder.com. If the web service is accessible in your state or area, the web page will ask you to log in using your Facebook account, which doesn’t require for the app version. But, the remaining website works same as the app does. The overall design is convenient and easy to use.

Dissimilar to the app version, the web version allows you to see your match’s account while chatting. Presently the web services are accessible from all parts of the world but are under testing in few regions. The company is looking forward for the technologies of logging into via SMS in few markets as the complete web version will launch soon.

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